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League of Green Embassies

League of Green Embassies

The United States Departments of Commerce and State have joined together to support the League of Green Embassies program as part of the National Export Initiative and help create energy efficient embassies and buildings world-wide.

What This Means for Buyers Seeking U.S. Energy Efficiency Technologies!

  • View superior U.S. technologies operating in U.S. Embassies in home markets!
  • Obtain specifications and metrics for product specific energy efficiencies obtained!
  • Develop contacts and partnerships for energy efficiency projects and requirements!

Key Events

Europe – Energy Service Companies ESCO EU Conference, January 25-26, 2012, London, UK, Contacts: Keith Curtis or Jane Siegel

EE Sweep - Makeovers” of Embassy residences in ten European Cities. The League of Green Embassies is spearheading our new relationship with energy in US embassies across Europe, and boosting U.S. exports. During the next six months, twelve Chief of Mission Residences in ten European countries will be undergoing energy renovations, reducing carbon emissions and saving thousands of dollars. For more information on a specific event, contact: Keith Curtis or Jane Siegel

  • Madrid, Spain November 28
  • Bratislava, Slovakia December 6
  • Warsaw, Poland December 6
  • Berne, Switzerland December 6
  • Lisbon, Portugal December 7
  • Sofia, Bulgaria December 13
  • Rome, Italy January 2012 (Public Awareness Campaign)
  • Berlin, Germany March 2012
  • Paris, France Spring 2012 (ESCO Agreement)
  • Vienna, Austria May 10, 2012

Saudi Arabia - Clean Energy and Energy Efficiency Trade Mission, April 14-19, 2012, Contacts: Keith Curtis or Jane Siegel

Brazil - Export Green Trade Mission II: Energy and Environment, April 22-27, 2012,

Contacts: Keith Curtis or Jane Siegel

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